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There is a twin sister, whose kind and there are the beginnings of the mind, but with him in this small child’s body is full of cruelty, audacity and swear words. Only at school Sheldon can experience bliss. While his peers enrolled in primary school, he was moved to the ninth grade, where his behavior annoying, not only students but also teachers who have attributed to him the title of school nightmare. Well, what’s wrong Sheldon? That only tells the truth and is committed to ensure that all obey the rules? Yes, Sheldon childhood – a childhood Antichrist. Well, it seems from the outside. After all, Sheldon is not any child from “The Omen”, is not it?

This is Sheldon, and the most interesting is little Sheldon. What could be cooler? Nothing is correct. It’s hard to say something specific about this series, because it’s perfect. There is not a single friend who did not like this little genius. What is this series about? This is the second season about the story of a little boy genius. Just instead of describing a small gap from the plot: an interview with the Sheldon Times: “You saw what queues in Moscow for bread, they probably have insanely delicious bread!” After which all sorts of words are superfluous. This boy is an incredible actor. I can’t imagine how it was possible to play such a difficult role at such a young age. One thing I can say with 100% certainty, after watching one minute of absolutely any episode, you will not be dragged away from this series.